Ann Robie Fashion

Hi, I’m Ann and welcome to my blog AnnRobieFashion!

I’m a Russian girl and I’m now living in the US.

AnnRobieFashion blog is about style, beauty, happiness and all the beautiful things around us that make us feel alive.

I have a master’s in psychology and spent most of my career in the corporate world. I’ve also spent far too many hours digging through fashion magazines and malls all over the world!:) Believe me, for us extra-small girls it is no easy task to find clothes that fit… and that you really like!:)

Now you understand why I LOVE fashion, traveling and photography.

My style is very simple and I would say classic. I adore heels and wear them all the time. I like to play with the colors and different shapes. Street fashion inspires me as much as all those things around me – people, nature, sounds, colors, smells… I find my inspiration in rain and clouds, in flowers and sunsets, old movies and new books and in Vogue and Elle of course!

And I’m glad to share with you my inspiration and I hope you’ll enjoy my small beautiful world :)

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