Paint spray Nails Inc #ShakeToPaint

Beauty Must Have: Paint Can, Nails Inc.

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It happened! No more hours of waiting. No more old school nail polish applying. This small paint can from Nails Inc. will change your manicure forever!

Yes, now we can just spray our nails and call it done! Well, almost… The step #0 is to prepare the surface – you don’t want this spray all over your house.

Then you can apply a base coat. After it dries,  just spray the nail polish over your nails, keeping the can about 15 cm. away from the nails. By the way, you can even apply this spray over your existing nail polish. In the end, as an option, you can apply a top coat for a longer lasting manicure.

After the spraying is done, just wash your hands with warm soapy water to get rid of spray on your skin. So easy!

For now, this spray is available only in two colors – pink and silver – which pretty much limits your style options. But you can always mix this spray with your classic nail polishes.

The sad news is that this nail paint spray is not available for pre-order in the US yet (~$15). Otherwise, I would definitely be in line ;)


Paint spray Nails Inc

Paint spray Nails Inc Pink

xoxo, Anya

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